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SAT Word Slam

The Slammin' Way to Learn Vocabulary

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To See Why It’s So Effective and Entertaining


The two sides of the app

The Teach Me side: short, relatively funny poems that teach the definitions and use the words in context. Twelfth grade words taught with tenth, seventh, and third grade humor. What could be better?!

The Test Me side: 20-question tests with three types of questions: Fill-in-the-blank, Definitions, and Finish-the-Poem.

All the words in the app

You’ll be taught and tested randomly on every word in the app.  By the time you’ve learned them all, you’ll be starving to buy more word sets.

Words you’ve marked “Difficult”

You’ll be taught and tested first on all the words you’ve marked “Difficult” followed by the words that make you feel slightly less clueless.


Part of speech and pronunciation

Every word is followed by its part of speech and easy-to-say phonetic pronunciations. Anybody can sound these out!

The definitions are in bold

Words in bold are easy-to-understand definitions, synonyms, and shades of meaning. Much simpler than a dictionary with all its confusiating wordisms!

Listen to this rhyme:

Audio MP3

The audio button

Hit the audio button, turn up the sound, and let voice actors do the reading for you. The greatest possible feature for lazy people!


REMEMBER THIS clues are mnemonics designed to help you remember the definitions forever.  They’re the keys to locking the definitions into your memory.  Fast. Pay attention to these, and in no time you can put the app down and move on to other important things.  Like washing my car.

Listen to this rhyme:

Audio MP3


You are corrrrrrrect!

After every third correct answer, you’ll hear a little audio pat on the head.

Don’t bore me.  I already know this word.

If the correct answer is a word you already know, mark it Easy and it won’t appear in future Teach Me or Test Me cycles.  Smarty Pants.

Yikes! This word is a beast!

If the correct answer is a word that’s really tough for you, mark it Difficult. You can choose to be taught or tested on “Difficult” words before all others.



Your current test score

Keep track of whether you’re a vocabulary star or a bit of a slacker.


Miss three in a row, and the app will be happy to mock and insult you.

The Teach Me button

Jodi’s favorite feature: Press that, and you’ll flip to the other side of the app where you’ll learn the word you should have chosen.


Teach Me

Now you’re on the Teach Me side where you can read and hear the poem for the correct answer choice. Look at that: learning something right in the middle of a test!

Return to Test button

Whenever you’re ready, you can go right back to the test you were taking.

Listen to this rhyme:

Audio MP3


Test results

Each time you complete a 20-question test, you can scroll through all your test results and remind yourself of what a long and painfu. . .um. . . helpful trip it’s been.

Let’s pretend this never happened

Not happy with test results??  Swipe over any score and a red Delete button will appear!  Revisionist history, sweet!


The index keeps track of what’s what

Words in red have been marked ”Difficult.” Words in green have been marked “Easy.” Words in black remain “Medium” difficulty by default.

Your percentage

Shows how well you’ve tested on each word. If a percentage is embarrassingly low, tell people your little sister stole your iPhone and took tests behind your back.


Word page

Includes all you really care to know about a word. And more!

The Tough-O-Meter

Another way to mark words “Easy,” “Medium,” or “Difficult.”  Don’t mark a word “Easy” unless you really know its definition (every bit as well as you know words like “whiner,” “frogurt,” and “asleep in class.”)