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SAT Word Slam

The Slammin' Way to Learn Vocabulary


Important People Are Talking about the App

I REALLY like using this book and this app.  It’s because it’s all funny and rhymey.  And the voices insult you if you get too many wrong.  I don’t know why there aren’t more books that try to make you laugh while they’re teaching you something.

Molly Wertheimer

I have a pretty short attention span, not gonna lie.  I think these vocab poems are pretty funny and they’re short, so I didn’t mind reading them.  And then I saw that you can push the sound button and have them read for you! Perfect.  I’ve been pretty surprised at how long I remember the meanings too.  Hear how erudite I sound?

Rylan Griggs

I love the app because I have so much going on that I really don’t have a lot of time to study for the SAT.  And I’m supposed to learn HOW many words?  This is the easiest way I’ve found to learn a lot of vocab words fast.  I’ve been learning about 10-20 words a day with this app with no problem.

Rachel Pytel

I go to a very tough school with high expectations, so I’m really busy. It’s nice to be able to use this app to learn in a lighthearted way because it feels easy and makes me laugh. I’m starting to feel really confident about the SAT lately. I showed it to my English teacher, and she loved it.

Scott Nakatsu

At first I didn’t want to have to pay for an app. But SAT Word Slam is a pretty sophisticated teaching tool.  It’s not just a game or a bunch of flash cards.  It’s actually funny and sometimes even hilarious–and I’m learning vocab at the same time.  I love the sarcasm and humor.”

Mick Wang

The SAT is a lot easier when you actually know what the words mean on the sentence completions.  This app and the book are a huge help.  Those little Remember This tips made all the difference.  So logical.  Why didn’t somebody do this before?  Why did I have to use flash cards for so long?

Lukas O’Connor

The SAT Word Slam is really helpful and easy.  With the way it’s set up with the rhyming poems and character voices doing the work, I actually like to stay with it for as long as I can instead of wishing it was over.   Major help with memorizing mountains of words.  Way better than flash cards.

Brittany McAndrew

No website, book, or app helped at all before this one.  The poems that teach you what the words mean are hilarious so that’s probably why this one worked for me.  I kept using it.

Kane Liberman

You can buy a large latte or you can buy this app for about the same price.  The latte is gone in a few minutes but the app actually has you laughing while it teaches you 350 words you’ll know forever.  Think about it.

Pauline Cho

I had the SAT Word Slam book first so I knew I was going to like the app.  The voice over actors are really funny and if you listen enough times, you start to hear those voices when you think of certain words that they read, so it’s great for memorization.  I really like using this app— when I can get it away from my mother.

Jack Gallaway

You can totally tell that this app was written by a teacher. It’s written by someone who knows how to reach kids, by making them laugh and by using audio.  Sometimes it’s silly but other times it’s laugh out loud and you can’t believe they’re slamming some of the celebrities the way they do.

Hayley Oshiro

I wish this thing had been on the market when I was studying for the SAT.  I used flashcards and I forgot most of what I learned.  Now I’m in college, and the app is helping me build my vocabulary.  After I use the app for a while I notice more and more of the Word Slam words in the reading I’m doing for school.  So it’s great for comprehension.

Matt Novian

I thought my vocabulary was already pretty good, but it’s getting bigger because I keep listening to the poems.  It’s a lot easier for me to remember things I hear. And a lot of the quiz questions are as funny as the poems so I love it.

Hailey Biscow

Mnemonics, mnemonics, mnemonics.  You can’t believe what a difference mnemonics make when you want to remember something.   A good student is prudent.  To laud is to applaud.  Obsequious people seek your approval.  It takes lots of time to read a whole tome.  I remember all these words now.

Griffin Harris

I love that the definitions are so basic and explained so simply.  They’re usually presented in really simple terms so that you can understand and use the words instead of in a confusing way like dictionaries.  Then the words are used in sentences, and then they show you the memory tricks.  Great presentation.   You never go, “Wait. . . . what?”

Eva Shapiro



You can mark words Easy or Difficult which is very smart design because it lets you control the words you’re learning.  And when you get a lot right or wrong, voices come on and insult you or compliment you which is really funny.

Erisa Takeda

When I used the book, I read all the A words and B words twice each and then I didn’t look at the book for months.  Then my mother quizzed me on them and I remembered almost every single one.  I was surprised by that.  I knew that the app would be great because the actors make it all even funnier.

Dylan Sido

The SAT Word Slam actually made me enjoy part of SAT prep.  I never dreaded reading those poems because I got to laugh while I learned some new vocabulary. That’s saying a lot.

Chih McDermott

I like how you can mark words Difficult and then be tested just on those.  Because it doesn’t take long before you’ve learned them and then you mark them easy and don’t get tested on them anymore.  It’s a very logical system.

Charlotte Mulvihill

The SAT Word Slam has been an incredibly helpful tool for me for SAT prep. Instead of carrying my flashcards all around, I now have a perfect on-the-go app on my phone with great mnemonics that really stick in my head. And sometimes I laugh out loud at the actors and their character voices.  This application has saved me lots of time and energy, and reduced a lot of my stress.

Chantel Farshi

I actually like studying with this thing.  I love that voices come on and read all the rhymes for you. I wish my textbooks were like that.  Even the sound effects are really good.  It’s just fun.

Caroline Reason

The actors make this whole app.  I haven’t seen any other teaching app that does this.   It’s like entertainment. Some of it is like a comedy show.  And then you remember that you’re also learning something.

Alyssa Lanz

This app is so funny!!!  When I got the quiz question that says it’s tough to decide who is more “irksome,” Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, I knew I was going to use the app a lot.  I just want to keep going to read who else is going to get bashed.  So far they like Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and Meryl Streep.  Lindsay Lohan, not so much.  Lots of fun in these poems.

Alba Kane