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SAT Word Slam

The Slammin' Way to Learn Vocabulary


And Meet SAT Word Slam Creator, Jodi Fodor


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SAT Word Slam Author, Jodi Fodor

Jodi Fodor graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in psychology and has been writing professionally since the age of 21. After living and working as a writer in Detroit and Boston, she moved to San Francisco and trained to be a teacher at the Institute of Reading Development in Berkeley. She then moved to Los Angeles where she attended graduate school at California State University, Long Beach and earned an MFA. in creative writing.  She teaches, tutors, and lectures around Los Angeles.
She also sings with local musicians and does voice over for toys and apps. Yes, we know: how very LA.

Letter from the Author

My mother says that my first word was “inconceivable!”  No wait, maybe it was “pedantic.” Anyway, that was a long time ago, so let’s just say that I’ve always been a word lover.

I’ve worked with kids on SAT prep for many years, and I didn’t understand why there was nothing on the market using rhyme, humor, and mnemonics to help them remember the meanings of words. As a songwriter and writer of poems for children’s books and toys, I’m very comfortable writing with rhyme (I once won Celtics tickets for writing a rather irreverent St. Patrick’s Day limerick, but that’s a story for another day).  So I started writing the sarcastic, ridiculous, and often celebrity-bashing vocabulary “poems” that would later become The SAT Word Slam. Each poem is followed by a “Remember This” clue, and I was thrilled to find that my students remembered the definitions and the clues months and sometimes even years after having read the poems only once or twice.

I felt that the content was perfectly suited to be an app, so we brought in some voice actors to read the poems, and I think the results are a lot of fun (and great for auditory learners).  The app also offers hundreds—soon to be thousands—of test questions.

I find myself laughing out loud while writing some of these little verses. I hope you’ll get a kick out of them too.

Watch for more word sets as in-app purchases.

Please write to us at info@satwordslam.com.

We welcome your comments and ideas.

Jodi Fodor, MFA

Chief Executive Wordsmith,

Slammin Productions