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Grammar with a laugh

A few funny puppets help us get a few things straight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ2SHSg5rIY  

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Butler University’s Mick Wang Talks About Writing

College is an interesting beast. There are all these new and exciting things going on—sports, entertainment, social activities, new people from everywhere—and a thousand ways to goof off. All the distractions and schedule overload can make a person forget some of the skills that got him to college in the first place. In particular, I’ve […]

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Why Mnemonics Work

Remember This: Mnemonics Work From the Greek mnemonikos for “mindful” or “of memory,”  a mnemonic (“neh-MON-ik”) is a memory clue that works because it creates a link between a thing you’re already familiar with and the thing you want to remember.  Like a good metaphor, a mnemonic can tie an abstract idea to a concrete […]

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