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Grammar with a laugh

A few funny puppets help us get a few things straight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ2SHSg5rIY  

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Is the SAT really going to be changed, AGAIN?

Dear Mike, I’ve heard that the SAT is going to be changed again.  Do you know how and when? Thanks,  Brian   Dear Brian, Yes, the SAT is changing! Late in 2012, David Coleman, who had just taken over the reins at the College Board, spoke at the Brookings Institution about standardized testing and the […]

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USA Today Calls SAT Word Slam “Cream of the Crop”

Read the Story Here!

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Do I Need to Take the Subject Tests?

Dear Mike: Is taking the SAT enough, or should I also take Subject Tests?  Julie   Dear Julie: It all depends on the colleges you want to apply to. The majority of colleges don’t require subject test scores, and some schools may not even consider scores even if you do submit them. However, almost all of […]

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Can You Give me a Math Prep Strategy?

Dear Mike: My reading and writing scores are pretty good, but can you suggest an overall strategy for increasing my math score? Blake   Dear Blake, Here’s an outline that should help.   An Outline for Improving Your Math Score Of all SAT sections, math is perhaps easiest to improve upon (writing is a close second). […]

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