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Ask Jodi: How Do You Think You Would Do On The SAT?

Dear Jodi,

 I just read a hilarious article by a guy in his 30’s who wanted to know how he’d do on the SAT after all these years, so he took it again. How do you think you would do on the test today?   

Tres Curious

 Dear Tres,

Funny question! Mike Scharf could answer this question seriously because he actually takes the SAT year after year to make sure he stays sharp about what the College Board is up to.  

But if I took it today? Let’s see. . . I’d like to think I’d get a perfect score on the writing sections. I’d also ace the sentence completions (because of the SAT Word Slam, of course!). On the Critical Reading? Eh, probably pretty well, except that I’d be surprised if they couldn’t trip me up on some of those questions. But what would surely keep me from becoming a new freshman at Brown (ahem) would be the math section. I’m not even sure I’d bother. Yes, those teenage complaints of “I’m not going to use this kind of math later in life” have proven true in my life. I use math every day, but not the kind on the big bad SAT. Maybe I’d just answer “D” for every question and see what that accomplished.  In any case, it wouldn’t be pretty.

 But I know the article you refer to, and I found it hilarious also. Here it is again: What Happens When a 35-year Old Man Retakes the SAT?


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