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How to Get a 12 out of 12 on the SAT Essay

The SAT essay is a nasty little assignment that most kids dread and with good reason:  they’re expected to plan, write, and edit a decent two-page essay in 25 minutes. Huh?  Yes, in 25 minutes, they have to read the question, decide where they stand, plan, organize, write, and maybe even edit an essay. As I tell my students, I’ve been a professional writer for many years, and I’m not sure how impressive my 25-minute essay would be (you can imagine how this comforts them). And because I believe that the backbone of good writing is revision, I despise this assignment for making revision impossible.

 So as I see it, it’s us against them.

 And with that in mind, I created a sweet little document that removes a lot of stress from the SAT essay writing process. Believe it. Many kids who have followed the plan in this PDF have seen their essay scores leap to 10’s, 11’s and 12’s.

To summarize, this document tells you all about what the SAT Essay Scorers are trained to look for. It explains what they consider worthy of a 6 (two people will read the essay and assign it a 1-6) and shows you how to give it to them in 25 minutes so that you can move on and enjoy the fill-in-bubbles part. 

On Page 4 of this handout, I refer to the Example Bank Worksheet. That’s also available below as a printable PDF.  Very helpful!

So don’t be stingy;  click the links below, print them, make a hundred copies, and hand them to everyone you like. Give your friends the same advantage you now have. 

 Go get em! And after you sail out of the exam, send an email to jodi@satwordslam.com and tell me all about it.


How to Get a 12 Out of 12 on the SAT Essay


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