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Ask Jodi: Can I Find out the SAT Essay Question in Advance?

Dear Jodi or Mike:

Is there any way to find out what the essay prompt will be for the upcoming SAT?

Desperately Seeking Spies


Dear Desperately,

Ha! What a question. I’m sure that millions of kids would love an answer to that one. Unless you’re clairvoyant or know someone at the College Board, the answer is “no.” But fear not! You can prepare yourself.  Many themes (like truth, imagination, heroism, choice, adversity, change, etc.) have been repeated over the years, and you can open and print this PDF: 38 Real SAT Essay Prompts and Questions to see 38 actual questions from previous SATs.

Still, try to be ready for anything; as we like to say in the SAT prep business, “You never know if you’re going to get a ‘photography question,’” which refers to the year that kids were asked, “Is photography a representation of real life or a depiction of a photographer’s point of view?”

Have a look at this post from the About the SAT section of this website:  How to Get 12 Out of 12 on the SAT Essay. It should ease a lot of your fears.





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